By 13th Sep 2018 Food for thought


During the school holidays, we transformed one of our empty stores into an educational haven. This proved to be a huge success! Not only was it convenient for parents to leave their little ones there, but also safe – giving moms and dads peace of mind.

We accommodated over 125 children, aged between 3 and 12. There were over 300 sponsored party packs, and we partnered with Junior Achievement SA for two days, who gave lessons about saving, the importance of investing, business skills and various ways to use money.

There were also plenty of other activities including chess lessons, activity books, a reading corner, movie screenings and even physical exercises and stretching. Overall the kids had a fantastic time – being stimulated mentally and physically in a different way, every day! Plus, the feedback was only positive from the parents and various stores – all wanting the programme to be a permanent feature every school holiday.